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Carum Breast Pump

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The new standard in Breastpumps for use in hospitals

With the Carum we are setting important standards and offer a professional quality hospital breastpump which meets the most demanding requirements of mothers and professionals. Independent vacuum and cycle adjustment in both stimulation and expression modes. "Sensitive Programme" for painful, inflamed nipples. No additional consumables need replacing in or on the pump.

  • SGD $3500.00

Product description
  • Fully automatic expressing Vacuum and cycles are individually adjustable at any time, both in stimulation and expressing-mode
  • Total safety and closed system thanks to "Vacuum Seal" Technology
  • "Sensitive Programme" in case of painful, inflamed nipples
  • Especially gentle and comfortable transition between modes
  • Double piston creates equal suction in both channels
  • No additional consumables need replacing in or on the pump
  • Ergonomic design makes the pump easy to clean
  • Generous color display with intuitive menu-driven management

Includes Carum pump, power adapter, container, bottle holder, Easy Freeze holder, instructions for use.